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    Conservatives seek to speed up brownfield house building

    July 23, 2014

    Conservatives have urged developers in the city to ‘get building’ as they uncovered figures showing that work has yet to start on 828 new homes which have already been given planning permission.

    The figures were revealed in an answer to a question from Conservative Group Planning Spokesperson, Lynda Hyde, at last week’s Full Council meeting. There are also a further 1,510 homes which developers have started to build, but not yet finished.

    Cllr. Hyde said: “Given the current surge in house prices in Brighton & Hove and with such a shortage of property, I was frankly pretty surprised to hear that there are so many potential new homes out there just waiting to be built. It is good news that over 1,500 new homes will be coming onto the market in the near future but I would hope that developers can get building these additional 828 as soon as possible. Not least because the Council has just put the city’s valuable green ‘urban fringe’ under threat by identifying sites here for a potential extra 1,200 new homes which it says are necessary to placate the Government’s Planning Inspector. However, these 828 homes that already have planning permission are all on previously developed brownfield sites. We believe that brownfield sites should always be developed wherever possible before greenfield ones are even considered.”

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