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Concerns Over Copyright Exemption Raised by Mike


Mike has raised his concerns with ministers over the exemption to copyright which is proposed in the Hargreaves review.

He has written to both Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries, and Ed Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer & Postal Affairs about the exemption.

If implemented, the exemption appears to prevent content owners from managing or receiving any remuneration for text and data mining of their content. This would place the UK at a disadvantage when facing increased global commercial competitiveness and place an increased burden on digital publishers.

In his letter, Mike said: “The UK is a world leader in publishing and it is a sector that we should be nurturing. If implemented, I fear that the proposals will do the exact opposite. I believe that it would be helpful if the Government paused to consider the impact of this exemption.”

Commenting, Mike said: “This is an important issue that I felt, given my background in copyright, I must raise with ministers. I am very conscious that this is a new, unnecessary and untested exemption to copyright that will not be good for our digital economy.”