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EU Bike Protest in Brussels Led by Mike


EU bike protest

Above: Mike is pictured with Danny John-Jules, aka ‘Cat’ from the popular BBC series Red Dwarf.

Mike has led protesters outside the European Parliament in Brussels in opposing planned European Union regulations. The regulations would bar motorcyclists from customising their machines and oblige them to wear fluorescent clothing.

Mike, a keen motor cyclist, has consistently opposed the proposals and is in Brussels to meet Conservative MEPs. Mike is also concerned about costly EU proposals which he says will make anti-lock brakes (ABS) compulsory and subject motorcycles to three MOT tests a year.

Commenting, Mike said: “I could not miss the opportunity to join the rally outside the European Parliament to add my voice to the thousands opposing these regulations. For many motorcyclists, tuning, improving and transforming their machines is a large part of the satisfaction of owning a bike. Quite simply, these proposals will ruin that. Motorcycling is all about freedom, but the EU plan is all about taking freedom away.”