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Graham Cox Fights Council Proposal to Double Parking Costs


Graham Cox, Conservative Candidate for the forthcoming Westbourne by-election, has spoken out against Green Party proposals to more than double the cost of parking permits for businesses and traders.

Under the current Green Administration, Brighton & Hove City Council plans to increase the cost of business permits from £175 to £400 per year and trader permits from £350 to £750 per year.

Westbourne Ward has a number of small businesses on both Richardson Road and Portland Road that will be affected by the proposals, which ultimately come at a time when entrepreneurs are already tightening their belts.

Graham said: “We should be making it easier for businesses to operate in our city, not harder. These proposals will hit small businesses at an extremely difficult financial time. The extra cash that local businesses will now have to find will inevitably come at the expense of something else. It should have been spent on apprentice schemes or anything else that could help the young get into work.”

He added: “A consultation apparently took place but it was not publicised properly. I can’t help but feel that it is being rushed through, just like the Council Tax rise that is planned by the Greens which is set to be the country’s biggest.”