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Greens Afraid of Council Tax Referendum

Mike Weatherley

Mike has condemned the Greens over their proposed rise of Council Tax and reticence to call a referendum on higher rises.

Councils across the country that wish to raise Council Tax above 3.5% must put the decision to residents in a referendum. Whilst the Green-led Council in Brighton & Hove is the only council in the country to propose a 3.5% rise and refuse the Government’s Ł3 million payment, it has also expressed desire to raise taxes further.

Mike is extremely conscious that the bloated spending plans of the Greens lead in only one direction – higher taxes. Mike believes that the Green Administration should be upfront about its intentions and not be scared of putting their tax-hiking policies to the people of Brighton & Hove in a referendum.

Commenting, Mike said: “Talking to residents, I have yet to meet one who would support the 3.5% rise that the Green Administration is advocating. It’s obvious that they have an appetite for bigger rises than they’re allowed, but while critical of the Government, the Greens are afraid of putting their policies to a referendum before hard working taxpayers.”