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Our Country Needs Unity, Not Divisive Strikes


Mike has called for strikers to join with the rest of the country in working together to tackle the deficit. During this time of change, Mike stressed that Britain needs unity, not divisive strikes.

Up to two million public sector workers are expected to strike today. It is understood that around 20,000 schools may close across the country and chaos will be brought to airports as UK Border Agency staff walk out, in what may be some of the worst cases of industrial action that Britain has seen since 1926. Nurses are also planning not to work which will result in thousands of operations being cancelled.

Commenting, Mike said: I understand why people have chosen to strike, but it is vital for the long-term prosperity of our country that we address our deficit. This is currently running at around 170 billion and is, quite simply, unsustainable. While many feel that the decisions that have been made are unfair, postponing or reducing the burden is not in the interests of the country as a whole.