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Cox Knocks Mean Green Tax Hikes


Graham Cox, the Conservative candidate for the Westbourne by-election, has spoken out against the Green Partys plans to increase tax higher than any other local authority in the country.

The Green-run Brighton & Hove City Council has turned down a 3 million grant from central government and, instead, has decided to collect funds locally with a 3.5% rise. Other councils around the UK have frozen council tax at levels that many people already find excessive. This rise, taken over four years, will result in an increase of 15%. Many families have no room to pay more at all, let alone 15%.

Brighton & Hoves local paper, The Argus, has carried out a survey over the past week which has attracted in the region of 3,000 responses. Around 70% of the replies have been in favour of freezing council tax.

Graham said: I am staggered that the Green administration could actually turn down 3 million at a time when normal people are struggling to pay their bills. To turn down 3 million and then increase bills by the highest amount in the whole of the UK is madness. No wonder the plans have made the national news. From this point onwards, the Greens will never be able to claim economic competency again.