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Foredown Tower Opened by Mike


Foredown Tower

Mike has re-opened Foredown Tower, the iconic landmark that overlooks Portslade, in a small ceremony on Saturday.

Foredown Tower has recently been taken over by the Portslade Learning Community. It is being renovated and refurbished to become an adult learning and visitor centre. The tower was formerly the water tower for Hove Isolation hospital and was converted in 1991 into a countryside centre that also housed a large camera obscura. The camera reflects the surrounding countryside onto a screen 18 feet below it, which provides a distinctive and fun way of observing the local area.

Commenting, Mike said: “This is such a unique attraction. I encourage residents from across the city to come up and see for themselves the tower and witness the camera obscura first-hand. It was wonderful to hear that so many people have been involved with bringing the tower back into use.”