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Greens Use Taxpayers Money to Pay for Camp Clear-up


Victoria Gardens camp

Mike has condemned the Green administration for forcing residents to pay for the clear-up of the mess left by the irresponsible campers that they actively encouraged.

Campers recently took over Victoria Gardens in central Brighton.Following Mondays storm, the camp resembled became a huge abandoned city-centre tip.Mike has repeatedly called on the campers to leave, stating thatlong-term camping in public spaces as a form of protest is unacceptable.

Commenting, Mike said: Its outrageous that hard-working taxpayers have had to foot the bill for this clear-up operation. I wasnt surprised to see that the campers, who took over a public park, had no qualm with leaving it in a complete jumble. This just goes to show that they have a total lack of respect for the residents of the city. If the Greens are happy to pay for this kind of thing, it is no wonder Brighton & Hove has the highest council tax rise in the country.