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Camping on Public Land is Unacceptable


Mike has spoken out against campers pitching up on public land on the Hove seafront.

A number of tents have appeared recently on the Hove seafront on public owned land. Not linked to any form of protest, these tents are makeshift homes that circumvent the standard practice of contributing to the local community through council tax. They also deny residents access to the land that should be available to everyone.

Commenting, Mike said: For quite obvious reasons, we cant have people pitching up tents across the city. I know that some chancers have put up tens on the seafront in Hove but they must go. Residents fork out a large sum of money every year to pay for local services and it is unfair and wrong that people unilaterally decided to opt-out.

Cllr Graham Cox added, I was concerned that homeless people were living in these arches and may need help. However, local residents reported to me that in fact the people using these tents are Eastern European workers. The reason I found no one there when I visited is that the campers are working in Brighton during the day and are staying here overnight to save money on accommodation.