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Government Cybercrime Responses a Step in the Right Direction


Mike has hailed the first of the Governments responses to his Parliamentary Questions on Cybercrime as a step in the right direction.

Mike tabled a series of Parliamentary Questions following concerns from business owners that the Government is not doing enough to assist those who have been and those who could be affected by cyber crime. Mike also tabled Early Day Motion 2425 in order to gain support among fellow MPs.

In his response to Mike, Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet office, highlights that the Governments recently published Cyber Security Strategy tackles many of the concerns that Mike has raised. A copy of the strategy is available here: www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/resource-library/cyber-security-strategy

Commenting, Mike said: Cyber crime is a silent menace that is on the increase. It often goes undetected and is woefully unreported as there is little public awareness. I asked these Parliamentary Questions in order to support individuals and businesses who need assistance from these attacks that more often than not emanate from overseas.

He added: If you have been affected by cyber-crime and would like to provide an account of what happened, please contact Natasha Malden, who is heading the national anti-cybercrime initiative on natasha.malden@gmail.com.