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Government Policy is Boosting Tourism

Mike Weatherley

Mike has praised the Government for helping the tourism industry in Brighton & Hove.

Since coming to power, the Government has begun a process of actions that will help boost the tourism industry across the country. Primarily, the Government is committed to abolishing regulations and red tape. Measures include tax breaks for holiday lets; £150m to market Great Britain abroad; and a new online visa application system for visitors, all of which is underpinned by the Governments new tourism strategy. One measure that helps Brighton & Hove specifically is to make it easier for live entertainment to flourish. With tourism being so vital to our local economy, this is great news for the city.

Commenting, Mike said: “Most people know that tourism is incredibly important to Hove and Portslade, but some people may be surprised to learn that nearly 12% of residents are actually directly employed by the tourism and hospitality sectors. I am really pleased with the measures that the Government has put in place and am confident that, over time, the majority of the needless bureaucracy that is encountered by those working in this sector will be consigned to history.”