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International Whaling Motion Sponsored by Mike


Mike has co-sponsored an Early Day Motion in Parliament that urges the Government to put pressure on Japan, Iceland and Norway to end commercial whaling.

Early Day Motion (EDM) 2565 has received cross-party support and condemns the recent departure of a Japanese fleet which is heading to Antarctica. Mike is a strong supporter of animal rights and is outspoken on his position against overturning the ban on fox hunting. He has signed a number of EDMs on animal welfare, details of which are available on his website.

Commenting, Mike said: “Whaling is a barbaric practice that in the 21st Century really is quite unacceptable. Britain does and should lead the way in its condemnation of whaling. I know that most residents in Hove and Portslade would be disgusted by the realities of mass whale killing. It’s cruel, unsustainable and just plain wrong.”