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Mike Supports Business Uprising Against Green Tax Hikes


Mike is backing local traders in the city-wide fight against Green Party business parking charges.

Local traders, led by Elliott Raggio, have started a petition on Brighton & Hove City Council’s website against the staggering increases in parking charges for businesses. The On Tap Group, of which Elliott Raggio is Director, relies on a fleet of vans to serve its customers all around the city. Raggio has made clear that the hike in business rates will hit businesses like his hard and will increase the cost of such services to everybody. He estimates that the increase alone will cost his business an extra £5,000 per year.

The business rebellion follows the November announcement by the Green Administration in Brighton & Hove of plans to increase Business Parking Permits by an eye-watering 128% and Trader Parking Permits by 114%. Both increases are considerably above the rate of inflation of 5%.

Commenting, Mike said: “It is unsurprising that the Greens are pursuing their anti-car ideological dogma with an irresponsible cavalier attitude towards traders in our city. It seems that they are intent on crushing local small businesses by taxing them out of existence. I whole-heartedly support the fight against this £1.3 million stealth tax.”

Recently-elected Councillor Graham Cox added: “I have been visiting businesses in Portland Road and Richardson Road over the last few days and encountered nothing less than universal opposition to the policy. Dozens of businesses said that these parking charges could spell the difference between survival and going under. We will do everything we can to oppose these attacks on our local traders. We should be making sure our local economy blossoms and doesn’t wither.”