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Mike’s Lens is Definitely in Focus for the British Film Industry


Mike is giving cautious backing to Government plans to focus National Lottery funding on the UK film industry.

Mike’s announcement follows a speech made by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, at Pinewood Studios in west London which outlined plans to use National Lottery money to help UK producers to build on the incredible success of recent years. Both Mike and David Cameron believe that resources should be centred on fully exploiting the potential to make the UK film industry even more productive.

A successful film can cost a considerable amount to make but generates huge profits whilst creating jobs and services which has to be a good thing. One recent example is the British film The King’s Speech that grossed £250 million around the world and cost £8 million to make. The potential to build on successes like this is enormous and should lead to incentivisation of British producers to maximise every opportunity both here and overseas.

Commenting, Mike said: “With my background in the film industry I think this is fantastic and exciting news. The UK has some of the best film producers in the world and I feel funding injected into this industry will develop our commercial and cultural success.”

He added: “However, we should not forget that those behind successful films started off as independent producers originally, and they too need support to develop their talent. This is why I will shortly be launching my Film the House project, encouraging young film-makers to get their product recognised. This will follow the same format as the hugely successful Rock the House project promoting the music industry in a fun way to Parliamentarians. See www.rockthehouse2012.com for details.”