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Train Operators Must Respond to Large Delays Better


Mike has written to Chris Burchell, Chief Executive of Southern Railway, over the chaos that ensues at large stations following delays.

Mike has called specifically for co-ordinated programme of steps to take during large-scale disruptions at principal stations on the Brighton mainline. This includes Victoria and London Bridge.

In his letter, Mike said: “Given the nature of delays at a principal station, I am surprised that a co-ordinated programme by station officials is not automatically implemented. First, signs on individual platforms (where many passengers congregate as the main concourse is more often than not totally overcrowded) do not provide any additional information. Secondly, I know that a bout of honesty would be appreciated when explaining the reason for any particular delay. Thirdly, for a core destination like Brighton & Hove, I am surprised that selected platforms or other designated areas are not set aside for commuters to congregate safely.”

Commenting, Mike said: “I am being contacted more and more by angry commuters who are fed up with delays and the awful organisation at mainline stations. As soon as a few trains are cancelled Victoria becomes totally chaotic. I have written to Southern so that a concerted and co-ordinated effort can be made to improve how these delays are handled.”