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Mike Backs Local Pub


Ancient Mariner

Mike has helped out at the Ancient Mariner in Hove as part of a national initiative to highlight the problems facing the pub industry.

Mike was invited to work a shift on Friday 3rd February. During the evening, Mike undertook regular bar staff duties, which involved pulling pints, collecting glasses and chatting to the local drinkers. In taking up the challenge, Mike was able to experience first-hand how important pubs are to the fabric of the community and to the economy of the city.

Commenting, Mike said: “Working a shift in a pub gave me a real insight into the tough conditions that publicans operate in. Running a pub is not easy, and running a successful pub like the Ancient Mariner really is testament to the hard work of the staff. Like the Ancient Mariner, many pubs have diversified and now offer an excellent selection of food. In these hard economic times, I will make sure during my work in Parliament that the voices of these businesses throughout our community do not go unheard.”