Home News Mike Calls on Council to Force Bus Company to Provide New Route

Mike Calls on Council to Force Bus Company to Provide New Route


Mike has called on Brighton & Hove City Council to examine ways in which it can influence Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company to provide more bus services along Hangleton Valley Drive.

In a letter to John Barradell, Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove City Council, Mike has raised the issue of re-routing a bus service following calls from residents. Many residents moved into the area a number of years ago and always relied on a car to get around. However, as many residents have gotten older and stopped driving, they have found themselves increasing isolated as the provision of bus services is so bad.

In his letter, Mike said: “While I understand that there is already a limited bus service along Hangleton Valley Drive, its frequency is far from desirable. Having discussed this issue with residents and Hangleton & Knoll Councillors Tony Janio and Dawn Barnett, it would appear that the most logical solution would be to re-route some or all of the 5b services.”

Commenting, Mike said: “I know that from discussing this issue with residents that there simply aren’t enough buses along Hangleton Valley Drive. I hope that Brighton & Hove Buses will listen to what residents want and start providing more regular services into the City Centre.”