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Southern Rail Must Improve Communication and Service


Portslade Station

Mike has written to Chris Burchell, Chief Executive of Southern Railway, to convey his disappointment over the response that he received to his recent letter on travel chaos following delays.

Mike recently called for a co-ordinated programme of simple steps to be taken during large-scale disruptions at principal stations on the Brighton mainline. However, the response that Mike received from Southern failed to properly address any of Mike’s specific concerns.

In his rebuke, Mike said: “I am quite simply astonished that the points that I have raised in my letter have been completely ignored…The issues that have been raised are relatively straightforward. I would appreciate a response that is frank and to the point.”

Commenting, Mike said: “More and more residents are contacting me about the poor service offered by Southern. I find the recent response that I received totally unacceptable. If Southern chooses to ignore letters from Members of Parliament, what hope do passengers have when contacting them?”