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British Pubs Really Do Need You



Mike has backed Hobgoblin’s British Pubs Need You campaign, which aims to encourage the Government to review the beer duty tax escalator.

Every year, the beer tax escalator increases the tax on beer by 2% above the rate of inflation, which puts pressure on British pubs, many of which are cornerstones of local communities. The British Pubs Need You campaign aims to collate 100,000 signatures to urge the Government to stop the beer duty escalator. The campaign has so far notched up nearly 25,000 signatures since its launch just a few weeks ago.

To sign the petition, please visit: www.wychwood.co.uk/byny.

Commenting, Mike said: “This campaign is a positive step forward. Removing the beer duty tax escalator will mean that beer will be kept more affordable, which will in turn help to support pubs up and down the country. It’s crucial that everybody who enjoys a pint at their local – and, indeed, pubs themselves – signs the petition.”