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Conservatives Condemn Local Labour Silence on Trade Union Leader’s Plans to Disrupt the Olympics


Conservatives in Brighton & Hove have condemned the plans of Len McCluskey, leader of the Trade Union Unite to disrupt the Olympics.

Councillor Graham Cox said, ‘We are really proud that Lord Coe has agreed to include Hove on the Olympic Torch route. This happened because of the intervention of our MP, Mike Weatherley. That is why Conservatives in the City find it so disappointing to hear a Trade Union leader calling for civil disobedience linked to the Olympics.’

Last week at the Brighton & Hove budget meeting Labour and Green Councillors refused to support Conservative amendments to reverse reductions in library opening hours and closures of public toilets in the City, paid for by reductions in council taxpayer funding for full-time Trade Union officials.

Conservative Group leader, Councillor Geoffrey Theobald, said ‘We were astonished by the Labour Party’s failure to support our amendments and their silence locally on Len McCluskey’s plans to disrupt the Olympics are also disappointing. However we know that the Unite Trade Union is the main funder of the Labour Party, and was responsible for the election of Ed Miliband as leader. Sadly the result is that once again Labour in Brighton and Hove are forced to put the interests of the Trade Unions who fund their party before that of library users in Hove and Portslade.’

Councillor Graham Cox added, ‘Here in Brighton & Hove we have the Green Party and Labour seeking the support of trade union bosses. As a result local residents are suffering cuts in services which are not necessary.
The Conservatives in this City are the moderate centre party who are determined to listen to local people rather than vested interests.’