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Conservatives Seek New Candidates for Council


Brighton Pavilion and Hove Conservatives Seek New Candidates for City Council – and you do not have to be a Party member already.

In a bold new move the Conservatives in Brighton Pavilion and Hove have opened up their selection process for the first time to any member of the local community who wants to serve their neighbours by becoming a Councillor. No longer will selection be restricted to those who are already Party members.

The next City Council elections take place in 2015, and the Conservative Party will shortly start its process to select its candidates. Following the 2011 elections the Brighton Pavilion and Hove Conservatives conducted a wide ranging review, including into their candidate selection processes. They have decided to open up the process to non-members in order to give those who may not be politically active but do have an interest in improving their local ward an opportunity to put themselves forward.

Councillor Andrew Wealls – who led the review on selection processes – said: “We are the Opposition to the Green party on the Council and have an excellent chance to win back control in 2015. The modern Conservative Party is the Party of all the people and we are determined that our candidates are representative of all communities in our great City.”

So the Conservatives are challenging people – some already active maybe as volunteers in the local community but who may not have thought up till now of standing for the Council – to contact the local Party and discuss how and where they could become a candidate.

Asked what type of person he was thinking of who would make a good candidate, Andrew Wealls said: “We would like to hear from anyone who wants to work for the local community to ensure the Council better serves local residents and businesses. Of course we would expect them to be broadly sympathetic to Conservative values but the most important consideration is a determination to make life better for all residents, whether by ensuring council tax bills are reduced or delivering council services more effectively.”