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Hunger Games Rating Handled Well by BBFC


Mike has defended the BBFC over its recent 12A classification of the blockbuster film Hunger Games.

Mike was shown a preview screening of the Hunger Games before it received its classification and discussed the content of the film with reviewers from the BBFC. Mike is a big supporter of the film industry and following the success of his parliamentary music competition Rock the House, he is launching a parliamentary film competition in April.

Commenting, Mike said: “In my view the BBFC has handled carefully a film based on a controversial theme. I saw a preview and made comments to both Lionsgate and BBFC that some parts did need to be cut and was glad that the final version did indeed include changes.”

Mike added: “By providing detailed information about the film on the BBFC website, parents can be fully aware of the content before choosing whether or not to take children under 12 to see the film. Overall, I believe that the matter has been handled professionally and has taken into account both the high profile and familiarity of the story amongst youngsters.”