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New Hove Fishmonger Welcomed by Mike


Little Fish Market

Mike has welcomed the opening of The Little Fish Market, a new fishmonger in Hove, which has just opened its doors on Upper Market Street.

Owners Harry Richardson and Tina Sparsis setup shop following a background as chef and fish restaurateur. Tinas family started the popular Brighton institution, Bankers fish restaurant, in the early 1990s. Mike was particularly impressed by the sustainable approach taken to stocking their shop by Harry and Tina. For more information, please see www.thelittlefishmarket.co.uk.

Commenting, Mike said: Its great to see new small businesses opening up. Brighton & Hove is bucking the national trend of vacant premises and The Little Fish Market is a welcome addition to Hoves range of excellent shops. I popped in recently to say hello and could not resist buying some fish for the weekend.

Commenting, Harry said: Our suppliers use recognised sustainable fishing methods, set by Seafish who work with fisherman and fisheries to ensure better working practices and promote where possible buying fish from local inshore boats. The fish we buy goes from boat to slab within a maximum of 1-3 days. We can be sure of this because of the type of fishing methods and boats used by the fisherman. They do not go out to sea for days at a time, so the fish is at is freshest and always seasonal.