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Greens tell residents and businesses to ‘stop whining’ over parking charges


The true attitude of the Brighton and Hove Green Party to the concerns of local small businesses and residents who happen to own a car was revealed today. In a letter from 2011 Green party candidate for Central Hove – Anthea Ballam – to the Argus newspaper, she compares those local residents who have raised concerns over parking charges to snivelling kids and has told them to stop whining.

The massive hike in parking charges imposed by the Green Party is affecting the trade of small businesses, and making life even more difficult for those who have to use a car to do the shopping, go to their doctor or visit friends and relatives.

In rersponse to the campaign by the Argus newspaper to Park the Charges the leader of the Green Party has previously said they will look again at the cost of parking on the seafront, which is now 20 in some places. However, Anthea Ballams comments now throw this into doubt.

Conservative Councillor for Central Hove Andrew Wealls said, We have been inundated with complaints from ordinary local people and traders who are finding these massive charges really difficult. We find it hard to take the Green Party Leaders response seriously, when his own candidates express such contempt for residents.

Conservative Group leader Councillor Geoeffrey Theobald added , We have thought for some time that these eye-watering increases were part of the Green Partys ideologically motivated wish to stop ordinary people from using their cars. I would have more respect for them if they simply came clean and admitted that is their real aim.