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Public Meeting on New Traveller Site to be Hosted by Mike


Mike is hosting a public meeting, along with council colleagues, on the proposals for a new traveller site on the South Downs in Patcham.

Travellers took over another piece of public open space last week when they illegally occupied Greenleas Park in Hangleton. The Green administration claims that the construction of yet another publicly-funded traveller site would stop such invasions – yet there were actually spaces available for travellers at the current site at Horsdean. Rather than stay at the site which is already there for them, the travellers chose to pitch up for free in the middle of a public park.

The meeting is on Friday 13th April and will be held from 6-8pm at Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, BN1 8TA. Any resident who has concerns about the Green Party’s soft stance on the illegal invasion of our parks by travellers is encouraged to attend.

Commenting, Mike said: “Residents have quite frankly had enough of travellers infringing the law at their expense. While I am pleased that the travellers moved on, I am deeply concerned by the delayed reaction of Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Police on this issue. In future travellers should be moved on within the hour, not after days, weeks or months.”