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Weatherleys Law Soon to Become Reality


Mike is confident that the Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Bill, which will criminalise squatting, will pass next week.

Squatters, who have recently labelled the bill Weatherleys Law, have called on their counterparts from around the world to join them in Brighton & Hove to protest against the criminalisation of squatting.

Mike has been campaigning for squatting to be criminalised since his election to Parliament in 2010 and has been supported by his colleague the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP, Secretary of State for Justice. Squatting is a large problem in Brighton & Hove, with numerous instances of this organised and frequently menacing behaviour blighting the lives of ordinary people.

Commenting, Mike said: The passing of the bill next week will be a great day for law-abiding citizens. Not surprisingly, a number of professional squatters arent best pleased that theyll have to pay for accommodation like everybody else. Among many things, squatters have called the proposals unfair, but the changes going through Parliament will finally bring justice on the right side of the law.

He added: I am not ashamed that the squatters call it Weatherleys Law. Brighton & Hove has been plagued by squatters in recent years to the annoyance of many of my constituents. The recognition by squatters of my work simply shows that I have been doing my job as a law-maker properly.