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Conservatives slam Labour statement on gay marriage


Councillor Graham Cox, who is Chairman of Hove and Pavilion Conservatives, and Peter Booth, Chairman of Kemptown Conservatives, have responded to Labour Party statements today on gay marriage.

Graham said: “the local Labour Party are trying to suggest that the government has reneged on gay marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed the government is in the middle of a consultation process which ends in June”.

Peter commented: “I was disgusted to read the disingenuous comments from Labour councillors Mitchell and Morgan. They are living in the past. It is the intention of the government to bring in gay marriage before the 2015 election”.

Peter & Graham feel that Labour has let the city’s gay community down and that they are trying to play the politics of the past. They point out that both Conservative MP’s have been extremely supportive of the city’s gay community. Mike Weatherley took part in last year’s Pride Parade, and Simon Kirby was in the Stonewall March for Equality last Sunday.

Peter added: “time will prove Labour wrong, and my partner and I look forward to converting our civil partnership to full marriage, something brought in by Conservatives!”