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Councilís Musical Cars Parking Response is Toxic


Mike has labeled the response to his concerns over the astronomical parking rises a complete farce.

Having recently written to John Barradell, Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove City Council, to raise his concerns about the Green administrationís quest to make the city the most expensive place to park in the world, Mike was dismayed at the response that he received.

Officials from the Council suggested that tourists could move their cars a number of times in order to get a Ďdiscountedí rate. However, rather than enjoy the many attractions that Brighton & Hove have to offer, visitors will instead have to constantly worry about getting a fine.

Commenting, Mike said: ďI raised some very real concerns that I have received from B&B owners who are worried that their businesses will be affected. I was lost for words when I read the response that quite seriously suggested that tourists engage in a game of musical cars where if you miss out you end up with a £50 fine. This latest madcap Green experiment on the people of Brighton & Hove, and their visitors, really is toxic.Ē