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Mike Signs Parliamentary Motion on Thalidomide


Mike has signed Early Day Motion 46 which calls for the Government to continue funding the pilot scheme to examine the health issues that face victims of Thalidomide.

Mike has been contacted by a number of victims of Thalidomide, and their relatives, about the consequences and challenges that they face as a result of the drug. Mike was very impressed by the commitment of the Thalidomide Trust in assisting victims since 1973 and how that it has been instrumental in the on-going emotional and financial support of Thalidomide victims. For more information on the relief and assistance that is provided by the Thalidomide Trust, see their website here.

Commenting, Mike said: “This Early Day Motion highlights a laudable cause that the Government should certainly act upon. Living with the effects of Thalidomide day-to-day must be an enormous challenge and it is only right that as a country we give our upmost support to the victims who live with extreme levels of disability.”