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Prime Minister Welcomes Weatherleys Law at PMQs


Mike has been congratulated by the Prime Minister during Prime Ministers Questions.

The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, affirmed the position of the Government that squatting is now not only a criminal act, but is a criminal offence. The Prime Minister condemned the behaviour of squatters which he said amounts to stealing from people. In this instance, Mikes question related specifically to a convention that was held in Brighton to support squatting, which was supported by the Green Party.

Mike has been campaigning for squatting to be criminalised since his election to Parliament in 2010 and has been supported by his colleague the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP, Secretary of State for Justice. Squatting is a huge problem in Brighton & Hove, with numerous instances of this organised and frequently menacing behaviour blighting the lives of ordinary people. A change in the law is expected soon which will see squatting in residential properties made a criminal offence. The new legislation has been dubbed Weatherleys Law by both supporters and squatters.

Commenting, Mike said: I am delighted that the Prime Minister strongly supports the criminalisation of squatting. I have been working hard since I was elected to ensure that squatters can no longer take advantage of ordinary citizens. Its not right, its not fair and it now it will rightly be a criminal offence.

Mikes question to the Prime Minister:

Last weekend the Squatters Network of Brighton& Hove invited their anarchist friends from around Europe to campaign against what they are call “Weatherley’s Law”. Will the Prime Minister condemn with me the Green Partys support for squatters and welcome, like I do, the criminalisation of squatting?

The Prime Ministers response:

“I certainly support what he says. I think this law was long overdue. I think its very important that homeowners have proper protection from people effectively stealing their property, which is what squatting is. It is a criminal act and its now a criminal offence.”