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Conservatives condemn Green failures on armed forces


As the country once again looks forward to Armed Forces Day on June 30th Conservatives have condemned the Green Administration of Brighton & Hove City Council for a catalogue of failures in relation to support for the city’s armed forces community. This includes:

  1. The Armed Forces Community Covenant has still not been drawn up or signed despite being agreed in principle by the Full Council, following a Conservative Notice of Motion, almost a year ago.
  2. The Council has still not made a bid to the Government’s Community Covenant Grant Scheme despite an earlier Cabinet decision to do so by March 2012.
  3. A disappointing lack of events being put on by the Council to celebrate Armed Forces Day on June 30th.

Cllr. Ann Normanwho put forward the original motion on the Community Covenant last July said: “I am very disappointed by the apparent lack of commitment from the Greens to the City’s armed forces community. Having recently spoken to a friend who is in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, I know how disappointed they are that the Council still hasn’t got around to drawing up, let alone signing, the Community Covenant. This could have made a real tangible difference to the armed forces in the city and it is a missed opportunity for the city to show its appreciation for everything they do to uphold our freedoms and liberties. All in all, it’s a pretty poor show from the Greens.”

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald, Conservative Group Leader, added: “When we were in Administration we put together some fantastic initiatives such as the ‘Heroes Welcome’ campaign, the Freedom Parade, the awarding of Freedom of the City to Henry Allingham and Flight Lieutenant Marc Heal and really ambitious Armed Forces Day celebrations. By comparison, the Greens efforts for June 30th will be a bit of a damp squib. Over the last few months I have repeatedly called on the Greens to bid for some of the funding that the Coalition Government has made available to support local Community Covenants and so it is extremely disappointing that they continue to sit on their hands and do nothing.”