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Delay Management at Victoria Station Scrutinised by Mike


Mike has written to Chris Burchell, Chief Executive of Southern, over the regular chaos that ensues during delays at Victoria Station.

Mike has become increasingly dismayed by the way in which delays are handled at Victoria Station, a problem which affects thousands of his constituents who commute to London. The issue is particularly bad by platforms 15-19, a part of the station that is known as “Sparrow’s Corner”, where most of the trains which depart for Hove and Portslade are situated.

Mike has highlighted that, despite there being information screens around the station (some of which are too small anyway), useful information is not displayed. He also pointed out that the PA system is not fit for purpose, either sounding muffled or completely inaudible in large parts of the station.

Commenting, Mike said: “I know just how frustrating it is when there is some kind of delay but no information available. Hundreds of passengers are forced to crowd around in a tiny area not knowing what on earth is going on. I have suggested a number of sensible solutions to Southern that would go a long way to alleviating the chaos that ensues during delays.”