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Last Chance to Sign Petition Calling for Biker Safety to be Included in Driving Theory Test


Mike is backing an e-petition – which closes in just over a week – that calls on the Government to ensure that biker-related questions are made compulsory within the driving theory test.

Three of the industry’s most influential organisations – MCI, BMF and MAG – have added their support to the Motorcyclists Matter e-petition, which is now over two thirds of the way to reaching the target of 100,000 signatures. While motorcyclists account for only 1% of road traffic, they account for almost 20% of road fatalities. The current system of random selection means that some road users are able to pass their driving test without ever answering a question that is related to motorcycling. To sign the petition, click here.

Commenting, Mike said: “People have until Saturday 23rd June to sign this important petition. As an avid bike rider I know just how dangerous it can be on the road for motorcyclists. I fully support this sensible campaign which would see questions relating to bikes made compulsory on the driving theory test. Awareness of all road users is paramount to improving safety and reducing fatalities.”