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Mike to Attend Guide Dog Reception in Parliament


Mike is attending a Parliamentary reception concerning attacks on guide dogs by other dogs on Wednesday 13th June.

Every month, more than seven guide dogs are attacked by other dogs. A guide dog and its owner work hard together to create an extraordinary partnership and, when a dog is attacked, the experience is extremely traumatic for both the owner and animal. The charity Guide Dogs UK is hosting the event in Parliament to raise awareness of the issue. For more information, please see www.guidedogs.org.uk.

Following an attack, a guide dog may well need veterinary assistance. In a best case scenario, the dog will need time off to recover after an attack, leaving its owner without a trusted companion and a vital mobility aid. In more severe cases, the dog may need retraining or may even be retired. This leaves the owner for an extended period of time without the important support which they need to help them to live independently.

Commenting, Mike said: I know from discussing issues concerning blind constituents that the loss of a guide dog is an extraordinary setback and very unsettling. Dog owners must take responsibility for the actions of their dogs and I applaud the work that the Guide Dogs UK is doing to raise awareness of this issue.