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Pilots Need Our Support


Mike is supporting the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), which has today hosted an event in Parliament to highlight flight safety.

It is undisputed that Britain is seen as having the gold standard in flight time regulations. Conditions are regulated under Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 371 which includes a series of rules to ensure that British pilots are not allowed to work more than a set number of hours within a given period. This ensures that our flights are as safe as possible and that the great reputation of our airlines is upheld.

The EU is attempting to harmonise flight legislation around Europe which will see British standards eroded rather than improved. The suggested measures include plans to raise the maximum number of hours that pilots can work. When Britains airline industry is already both safe and thriving, it is difficult to see what possible benefits the changes would bring.

BALPA is the professional association and registered trade union that was established to represent the interests of all UK pilots. The reception, which is being held in the House of Commons, is an opportunity for Members of Parliament and their staff to speak with pilots and representatives from BALPA about flight practice and passenger safety. For more information, please see www.balpa.org.

Commenting, Mike said: Flight safety is paramount and I know that pilots do an extraordinary job in continuing Britains excellent aviation safety record. Hove is home to a large number of pilots, many of whom I have spoken with recently about the issues of flight times. Some pilots might land six times in one day not many people realise that.

He added: The EU has no business whatsoever in sticking its nose in here. The British aviation industry is a great national asset and shouldnt be meddled with. I will be making this point strongly to Ministers.