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Smash EDO Threat to Olympic Celebrations Condemned by Mike


Mike has condemned a threat by professional protest group Smash EDO to force entry into private premises on the day that the Olympic Torch comes to Brighton & Hove.

Smash EDO has a history of violence and intimidation. The group recently chose the Jubilee Weekend to stage protests that cost taxpayers of the city hundreds of thousands of pounds and disrupted for many what should have been a pleasant national celebration. Police budgets suffered as a result which inevitably led to reduced resources at a time when people want to see more police on the streets. Ringleaders of the professional protest group have openly claimed that they intend to continue wasting taxpayers money for the whole summer.

Commenting, Mike said: This selfish protest group has once again picked a great day of celebration for the city to stage one of their intimidation exercises. Residents are quite rightly angry that these layabouts are wasting huge amounts of taxpayers money on their warped campaign. Smash EDO is open about their intent to break the law so I fully expect Sussex Police to do what is necessary to put a stop to any violence that takes place.