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Conservatives launch campaign to save city’s Bowls Clubs


Conservatives are launching a campaign to save the citys bowls clubs whose future has been thrown into doubt by the Green Administrations decision to cut their funding by 60% from next year.

The Group has submitted a Notice of Motion to the next Full Council meeting on 19th July calling on the Green Administration to withdraw their proposals and to seek a compromise solution that enables all clubs that wish to do so to continue operating, and to explore ways in which they can become more autonomous and less reliant on Council funding in the future.

Conservative Group Sports Spokesperson Cllr. Vanessa Brown who is proposing the motion said: The sport of bowls is enjoyed by many residents of Brighton & Hove, particularly older residents for whom it is an important way of keeping physically and mentally fit and of maintaining social interaction in later life. These mean-spirited proposals by the Greens will put all these benefits at risk and I fear that many of the citys bowling clubs, which have been a thriving part of our local communities for many years, will fold as a result.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr.Geoffrey Theobald has met with one of the threatened clubs the Vicarage Bowling Club off theLondon Road to hear at first hand how the funding cuts will affect them. Cllr. Theobald said: The Vicarage Club have been told by the Council that they must find an additional 4,450 next year, having paid just over 2,000 this year that is a massive 220% increase, and comes on top of the insurance and other running costs that they have to fund separately. To find this new amount amongst their 38 members would mean increasing fees from 65 to over 170 for the 6 month playing season. For the vast majority of bowlers, many of whom are retired or close to retirement age, this will simply not be possible.