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Lack of Bus Stop Maps Raised


Mike has written to the Managing Director of Brighton & Hove Buses about the lack of bus maps at bus stops across the city.

Following a number of complaints from angry residents, Mike has written to Roger French, Managing Director of Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company, about the lack of information on bus routes which affects locals and tourists alike.

In his letter Mike said: This lack of clarity is something which is easily witnessed when passengers are forced to quiz bus drivers for the bus route, which delays the journeys of those onboard. I would also imagine that a lack of available information at bus stops is a problem that is compounded for large numbers of visitors who do not know the geography of the city as well we do.

Commenting, Mike said: I sympathise with residents about just how frustrating it can be when you get to a bus stop but have no idea where the buses that stop there go in Brighton & Hove. Residents deserve to have a clearer system and given that as a city we rely so much on tourism, it is a problem that we should fix given it has a very simple solution.