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Mike Backs International Co-operatives Day


Mike has welcomed International Co-operatives Day as a way of showing support for the co-operative sector both locally, and across the UK.

Co-operatives UK has published a report to evaluate the performance of co-operative businesses around the country. The report demonstrates just how valuable the co-operative sector is to the UK economy, with a turnover of £35.6 billion. Membership of co-operative businesses has grown to over 13.5 million and the number of co-operatives has increased to nearly 6,000 across the whole of the UK.

Mike said: “International Co-operatives Day is a great opportunity to highlight the important role of Co-operatives to our local communities. With membership continuing to rise, and the sector continuing to provide jobs and benefits to members, it is time to celebrate the continued strength of the movement across the world.”

He added: “As a natural Conservative, I fully support the co-operative movement for the way in which it is all about people getting on with good things by themselves without government interference. People working together voluntarily, as businesses or as charities, is what it’s all about.”