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Mike Praises Positive Banking Scheme


Mike is supporting the ‘Lloyds Scholars’ programme, which aims to promote social mobility.

Lloyds have partnered with universities across the UK to offer students from lower-income households the chance to participate in a programme that offers financial support and assistance, including bursaries and academic prizes. In addition, Lloyds are offering workshops on employability skills, a volunteering programme in the local community, and paid internships within the Lloyds Group. A mentoring scheme will give students direct advice and support from a member of the senior team at Lloyds Banking Group. For more information, please visit www.lloyds-scholars.com.

Commenting, Mike said, “At a time when banks are receiving a barrage of negative press – much of it deserved – this is a positive scheme which has my full support. It is a great way to encourage students from lower-income families to apply to the top universities in the UK. This programme is a great way for young people to gain experience and improve their employability skills, which will greatly improve their future career prospects.”