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Mike Welcomes Brighton Museum Trip to Parliament


Mike has welcomed an Olympiad cultural event – which a delegation from Brighton Museum is attending – that is being hosted in Parliament’s grand Westminster Hall.

Brighton Museum, along with a number of museums from across the country, will be coming to Parliament on Tuesday 24th July to showcase and celebrate Stories of the World, which is part of the cultural Olympiad programme and is hosted in partnership with the London 2012 Festival. Stories of the World is an innovative project that enables people of all backgrounds to become ‘curators’ of the collections and objects that are held in museums, libraries and archives across the UK. For more information on the Festival, click here.

Commenting, Mike said: “This is an exciting opportunity for young people to get involved with museums and art galleries in their local area. I understand that Brighton Museum has encouraged the new design of a permanent gallery for the world art collection. The event in Parliament looks set to be a brilliant interactive display that will help young people engage with the preservation of British and cultures from around the world.”