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Mike Welcomes Results of British Aid Around the Globe


Mike has joined his colleague the Secretary of State for International Aid in celebrating the fantastic results of British aid over the last two years.

The newly-released Annual Report confirms that aid from Britain has quite simply transformed the lives of millions in the world’s poorest countries. This has included vaccinating over 12 million children against preventable diseases, supporting 5.3 million children (2.5 million of them girls) to go to primary school, preventing 2.7 million children and pregnant women from going hungry, and reaching 6 million people with emergency food assistance.

To highlight these encouraging results, a new UK aid logo has been designed which features the Union Flag, the clearest and most recognisable symbol of our country. The new logo will be placed on items like emergency grain packets, buildings and water pumps.

Commenting Mike said, “I am thrilled by these results. I signed Early Day Motion 69 in support of a renewed commitment to tackling world hunger and poverty and it is brilliant that we are seeing results. I believe it is right that Britain gets full credit around the world for the generosity of our citizens particularly in the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”