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Council Dithering is Not Helping Road Congestion, says Mike


Mike has written to Brighton & Hove City Council over the delays in the opening up of the city’s bus lanes to motorcycles.

Despite claiming that Bikers were the council’s priority back in April, Mike has yet to receive a positive response to his calls to open up bus lanes to motorcycles. Mike has now written again to John Barradell, Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove City Council, pressing for action.

In his letter, Mike said: “It appears to be the case that a decision is needlessly being delayed again and again to the frustration of bikers – a large number of whom are tourists – across the city. I should be extremely grateful if you would provide me with your comments on the situation, including the likely timing and outcome of a decision, as a matter of urgency.”

Commenting, Mike said: “It’s frustrating that the council is dragging its heels over this issue. Opening up the city’s bus lanes to motorcycles is an entirely sensible plan that will help ease congestion and improve safety on our roads. The dithering over this issue by the Green Administration is frustrating, especially as motorcycles queue up going in and out of Brighton & Hove, while bus lanes remain virtually empty.”