Home News Less Than 1% of Bus Stops in Brighton & Hove Have Maps

Less Than 1% of Bus Stops in Brighton & Hove Have Maps


Mike has uncovered that less than 1% (0.67% to be precise!) of the bus stops in the city display route maps on them.

Mike recently wrote to Roger French, Managing Director of Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company about the lack of maps at bus stops across the city. Unhappy with Mr Frenchs original response, Mike followed up to request the exact number of bus stops with maps in Brighton & Hove.

Following his investigation, Mike was completely astonished to learn that only 8 out of the citys 1,184 bus stops have maps. Mr French felt that it was unnecessary to install a network wide map more extensively as the map is distributed in the Bus Times, on a separate small guide and their company website.

Commenting, Mike said: Common sense has clearly been thrown out the window at Brighton & Hove Buses HQ. Residents and tourists alike need to know where the buses go. I often get asked about routes by fellow passengers when I am at a bus stop. Just imagine the reaction if the London Underground removed their useful maps from stations and blithely said that its still available on their website.