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Mike Calls for Review of Sussex Police 101 Number


Mike has called on the Chief Constable of Sussex Police to streamline the non-emergency 101 number for those calling from outside the county and those using switchboards.

Following concerns raised by residents, Mike has written to Martin Richards, Chief Constable of Sussex Police, about the problems that callers face when contacting Sussex Police from outside of Sussex. The current automated system is not fit for purpose and prevents crimes from being reported.

The new system also presents a number of problems for callers with switchboards, both inside and outside of Sussex. Worryingly, Mike wasnt even able to get through to 101 from his own office in the House of Commons to report a crime.

Commenting, Mike said: Its quite understandable that residents may wish to get though to their local police force when they are not actually in the area or perhaps contact a police force somewhere else in the country. However, the present automated system is downright obstructive. A series of unhelpful options and long pauses leave callers unable to connect to who they are trying to contact. Frustrated at not being able to get through to the right place, I hung up.