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Conservatives call for by-election common sense


Conservative Group Leader on Brighton & Hove City Council – Geoffrey Theobald– is calling for the upcoming East Brighton by-election to be held at the same time as the national Police & Crime Commissioner elections on 15th November in order to save council taxpayers’ money and to ensure East Brighton residents don’t have to go out twice within 3 weeks to vote.

The East Brighton by-election has been triggered by the resignation of former Labour Councillor Craig Turton due to ill-health. Holding a separate by-election in late October, as is currently being proposed, would cost council taxpayers an additional £15,000.

Cllr. Theobald said: “It just seems crazy to me to have to organise and stage a completely separate election a matter of a couple of weeks before the national Police and Crime Commissioner elections are due to take place. All the polling stations will already be set up in East Brighton on November 15th so it would seem to me to be common sense to take advantage of that. This is imposing additional unnecessary cost on council taxpayers’ at a time when we can least afford it.”