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Conservatives call on Greens to ‘get a grip’ of council finances


Conservatives are calling on the Green Administration to ‘get a grip’ on the Council’s finances after a report from the independent Audit Commission revealed that Brighton & Hove City Council is ‘a high spending council’ compared to other similar councils.

The Audit Commission’s Annual Governance Report which is being presented at today’s Audit & Standards Committee also states that spending at Brighton & Hove is ‘generally in the top 10%’ of councils and that the Council’s unit costs ‘also appear high compared to other local authorities’.

The Conservative Group Finance Spokesperson – Cllr. Ann Norman – said: “Here we have independent evidence that the Council’s spending, under a Green Administration, is high compared to other similar councils. When we were in Administration we started an ambitious value for money programme that delivered real tangible savings for council taxpayers. I’m afraid that since they took over in 2011, the Greens have dropped the ball somewhat and what is needed now more than anything is strong leadership in order to deliver the extra savings that the Audit Commission report suggests are readily achievable.”

Group Leader –Geoffrey Theobald– added: “The Greens like to blame any difficult decision they have to take on Government cuts but this just goes to show that there is still plenty of scope for them to make savings that don’t impact on frontline services. My real worry is that the entire Council is in such disarray at the moment that the Greens will once again try and take the easy option of asking the council taxpayer and/or the motorist to bail them out. As a Group, we will do everything we can to resist that.” 

Notes for Editors:

The Audit Commission report can be accessed here.