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Conservatives take city’s welcoming message into their own hands

Conservative councillors get to work on the city’s ‘Welcome’ sign

Conservative councillors Ken Norman, Ann Norman, Geoffrey Theobald, Carol Theobald and Graham Cox have pulled out their gardening tools and set their green fingers to work to highlight the neglect by the Green Administration of the City’s ‘Welcome’ flowerbed.

The Green Administration recently pulled sponsorship from the delightful ‘Welcome’ flowerbed that greets visitors as they enter the city from the A23 and A27, by the Patcham roundabout.

Visitor numbers to Brighton & Hove are down 10% this year and the Conservatives have been calling for the city to be made as attractive as possible to encourage more people to stay. This neglect of the flowerbed that greets visitors on the main gateway into the city is symptomatic of a wider lack of commitment to civic pride by the Greens and sends out the message that Brighton & Hove City Council does not care.

Commenting, Cllr Carol Theobald, who had previously raised the issue at a Full Council meeting as far back as March, said: “It only took five of us half an hour to spruce the flowerbed up a bit. This is not a matter of resources. Local businesses would be only too keen to sponsor this prime site, making it a wonderful welcome to the city. It’s simply a matter of will on behalf of the Green administration and they have been dragging their feet for far too long now.”

Cllr Graham Cox said: “It was disappointing but not surprising to find that some of the flowers have been stolen. There is a direct link between neglect by the authorities and petty crime of this type. If the Green Party refuse commercial sponsorship for silly ideological reasons, then why don’t they explore some community response, such as adoption by a local school or club?”

Cllr Ken Norman added: “As a keen gardener, I was only too happy to pop down and lend a hand. It was obvious that the neglect had started to impact on the display and if this continues it could be permanently ruined.”