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Mike Raises City Litter Problems with PM


Photo courtesy of Shannon Stewart.

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has written to the Prime Minister about litter problems that are facing the country, which was recently highlighted by 23 tonnes of litter that were left on the beaches of Brighton & Hove.

Following a busy weekend due to some fantastic weather, the aftermath for council cleaners was a mountain of litter that taxpayers were forced to clear up. Once again, local residents have been landed with an unnecessary bill due to the anti-social behaviour of others. As a result, Mike decided to write to the Prime Minister to bring to his attention the problems of litter that are facing cities across the country.

In his letter, Mike said: Brighton & Hove is a wonderful city that has long prided itself on its environmental credentials, clean streets and scenic beaches. However, there has been no escaping from the fact that our city, along with many others, has an appalling littering problem.

He added: This disregard for our cities should not be allowed to pass unchallenged. I am aware that a number of countries around the world have demonstrated that with innovative, effective strategies to combat litter. For example, Australias government recently launched a long-running media campaign that was designed to educate citizens and encourage a sense of pride in their public spaces, with the effect of drastically reducing litter and local government cleaning costs alongside it.

Commenting, Mike said: Sadly litter is a problem right across the country. I thought that it was important to draw the Prime Ministers attention to how bad the situation is and highlighted to him the awful state of our citys beaches after a sunny weekend. Its a complete waste of taxpayers money and we shouldnt have to put up with it. I hope to hear back soon what powers we have to deal with the situation.